Videos The Latest in Nutrition Research Fri, 14 Apr 2023 13:14:31 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Can Stress Cause Halitosis (Bad Breath)? Wed, 19 Apr 2023 11:50:43 +0000 0 bad breath, dental health, halitosis, hormones, menstruation, stress, women's health Spontaneous Regression of Cancer with Fasting Mon, 17 Apr 2023 11:50:45 +0000 0 cancer, cancer survival, chemotherapy, fasting, fat, IGF-1, immune function, lymphoma, Plant-Based Diets, standard American diet, vegans, vegetarians Friday Favorites: Do Vitamin B12 Supplements Cause Acne, Bone Fractures, and Lung Cancer? Fri, 14 Apr 2023 11:50:02 +0000 0 A Case of Stage 3 Cancer Reversal with Fasting Wed, 12 Apr 2023 11:50:21 +0000 0 animal fat, animal products, animal protein, antibiotics, antioxidants, cancer, cancer survival, carcinogens, chemotherapy, dairy, dioxins, fasting, fiber, fruit, grains, gut flora, hormones, immune function, inflammation, lymphoma, meat, microbiome, oil, organic foods, PCBs, pesticides, Plant-Based Diets, salt, saturated fat, sodium, standard American diet, sugar, vegans, vegetables, vegetarians, vitamin C, weight loss Is Swimming Good for Weight Loss? Mon, 10 Apr 2023 11:50:49 +0000 0 body fat, calories, exercise, obesity, walking, weight loss Friday Favorites: Benefits of Quinoa for Lowering Triglycerides Fri, 07 Apr 2023 11:50:47 +0000 0 Dietary Guidelines: “Eat as Little Dietary Cholesterol as Possible” Wed, 05 Apr 2023 11:50:57 +0000 0 animal products, atherosclerosis, bacon, breakfast, cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular health, cholesterol, dairy, dietary guidelines, Dr. Kim Williams, eggs, heart disease, industry influence, LDL cholesterol, lifespan, longevity, meat, mortality, processed meat, salt, sodium, trans fats, USDA, vegetables Update on Erythritol Sweetener Safety: Are There Side Effects? Mon, 03 Apr 2023 11:50:22 +0000 0 antioxidants, blood sugar, cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular health, chronic diseases, diabetes, erythritol, heart disease, obesity, oxidative stress, sugar, sweeteners, weight gain Friday Favorites: Lycopene Supplements and Tomato Sauce vs. Prostate Cancer Fri, 31 Mar 2023 11:50:06 +0000 0 How Much Erythritol Sweetener Is Too Much? Wed, 29 Mar 2023 11:50:03 +0000 0 antioxidants, blood sugar, calories, cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular health, children, dental health, diabetes, diarrhea, endothelium, erythritol, fruit, heart disease, sorbitol, sugar, sweeteners, vegetables Soul Food That’s Good for the Soul Mon, 27 Mar 2023 11:50:23 +0000 0 Africa, African Americans, American Heart Association, beans, Black Americans, blood pressure, chicken, cholesterol, chronic diseases, collard greens, corn, diabetes, fruit, grains, greens, high blood pressure, hypertension, legumes, nuts, obesity, okra, Plant-Based Diets, processed meat, salt, saturated fat, sodium, sugar, sweet potatoes, vegans, vegetables, vegetarians, watermelon blackberries Friday Favorites: Do the Health Benefits of Coffee Apply to Everyone? Fri, 24 Mar 2023 11:50:42 +0000 0 Oatmeal Diet Put to the Test for Diabetes Treatment Wed, 22 Mar 2023 11:50:50 +0000 0 animal protein, berries, blood sugar, cancer, diabetes, fat, grains, grapes, insulin, insulin resistance, mortality, oatmeal, plant protein, prediabetes, salt, sodium, type 1 diabetes, vegetables, weight gain How Does Oatmeal Help with Blood Sugars? Mon, 20 Mar 2023 11:50:50 +0000 0 animal fat, animal protein, anti-inflammatory, beans, blood sugar, butyrate, cholesterol, diabetes, fecal transplants, fiber, fruit, grains, gut flora, insulin, insulin resistance, microbiome, nuts, oatmeal, plant protein, prebiotics, prediabetes, processed foods, short-chain fatty acids, type 1 diabetes, vegetables Friday Favorites: Benefits of Blueberries for Artery Function Fri, 17 Mar 2023 11:50:49 +0000 0 Is Oatmeal Good for People with Diabetes? Wed, 15 Mar 2023 11:50:25 +0000 0 animal protein, beans, beef, blood sugar, chickpeas, cholesterol, diabetes, grains, insulin, insulin resistance, legumes, lentils, oatmeal, plant protein, prediabetes, split peas, triglycerides The Impacts of Plant-Based Diets on Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer Mon, 13 Mar 2023 11:50:41 +0000 0 beans, breast cancer, broccoli, cervical cancer, chickpeas, cruciferous vegetables, dairy, Dr. Dean Ornish, eggs, endometrial cancer, greens, lentils, meat, men's health, ovarian cancer, Plant-Based Diets, prostate cancer, tomatoes, vegans, vegetables, vegetarians, weight loss, women's health Friday Favorites: Coconut Water for Athletic Performance vs. Sports Drinks Fri, 10 Mar 2023 12:50:14 +0000 0 Does Coffee Inhibit Iron Absorption? What Are the Effects of Having Too Much Iron? Wed, 08 Mar 2023 12:50:55 +0000 0 Alzheimer’s disease, anemia, beverages, blood sugar, cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular health, chamomile tea, coffee, diabetes, gout, heart disease, herbs, insulin, iron, orange juice, Parkinson's disease, phytonutrients, polyphenols, pregnancy, spices, tea, turmeric, vitamin C, women's health Comparing Vegetarian and Vegan Athletic Performance, Endurance, and Strength Mon, 06 Mar 2023 12:50:53 +0000 0 atherosclerosis, athletes, chronic diseases, muscle strength, Plant-Based Diets, vegans, vegetarians Friday Favorites: Do Sunflower Seeds Cause Acne? Fri, 03 Mar 2023 12:50:29 +0000 0 The Role of Endotoxins in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Wed, 01 Mar 2023 12:50:57 +0000 0 advanced glycation end-products (AGEs), aging, Alzheimer’s disease, animal products, baking, barbecuing, beef, brain health, cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular health, cholesterol, cognition, cooking methods, dairy, dementia, depression, diabetes, E. coli, endotoxins, fat, fiber, free radicals, glycotoxins, heart disease, inflammation, low-carb diets, low-fat diets, metabolism, obesity, oxidative stress, pork, saturated fat, standard American diet, stroke Dr. Greger in the Kitchen: Groatnola Mon, 27 Feb 2023 12:50:18 +0000 0 baking, buckwheat, cinnamon, cooking methods, grains, microwaving, oats, recipes, spices, sweet potatoes Friday Favorites: Best Foods to Avoid for Eczema & Exclusion Diets for Eczema Fri, 24 Feb 2023 12:50:39 +0000 0 Vinegar for Blood Sugar Control and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Treatment Wed, 22 Feb 2023 12:50:48 +0000 0 apple cider vinegar, blood sugar, diabetes, How Not to Diet, insulin, insulin resistance, menstruation, PCOS, vinegar, weight loss, women's health Does Getting Enough Sleep Help You Lose Weight? Mon, 20 Feb 2023 12:50:41 +0000 0 body fat, body weight, calories, children, junk food, obesity, salt, sleep, sugar, weight gain, weight loss Friday Favorites: How Much Lead Is in Organic Chicken Soup (Bone Broth)? Fri, 17 Feb 2023 12:50:42 +0000 0 Does Lack of Sleep Cause You to Gain Weight? Wed, 15 Feb 2023 12:50:51 +0000 0 apnea, arthritis, body fat, body weight, calories, children, obesity, reflux, sleep, weight gain, weight loss The Best Diet for Fibromyalgia and Other Chronic Pain Relief Mon, 13 Feb 2023 12:50:40 +0000 0 animal products, animal protein, anti-inflammatory, arthritis, berries, blood pressure, body weight, C-reactive protein, cardiovascular disease, chickpeas, cholesterol, cinnamon, citrus, diabetes, edamame, exercise, fatigue, fiber, fibromyalgia, fruit, ginger, grains, green tea, greens, gut flora, headaches, heart disease, high blood pressure, hypertension, Ibuprofen, inflammation, lentils, menstruation, microbiome, migraine headaches, nuts, osteoarthritis, pain, phytonutrients, Plant-Based Diets, processed foods, rheumatoid arthritis, saturated fat, seeds, short-chain fatty acids, soy, spices, split peas, strawberries, tea, trans fat, turmeric, vegans, vegetables, vegetarians, weight loss, women's health Friday Favorites: Benefits of Beans for Peripheral Vascular Disease Fri, 10 Feb 2023 12:50:44 +0000 0